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High Phenol EVOO Slowly Gains Traction

Two of the scientists that Olea Blue works closely with are heavily involved in the EU project which will develop quality control and production techniques to help farmers while also educating consumers about the health benefits of high-phenolic olive oil! The high phenol movement is coming along, slowly but surely and it's going to disrupt the EVOO industry as we know it. Lear more about these efforts in this article in the Olive Oil Times.

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What's The Secret Behind a Quality Bottle of Olive Oil?

Educating consumers on the health benefits of high phenol EVOO is currently one of Olea Blue's biggest challenges. But consumers are slowly starting to catch on and are willing to pay more for a healthful EVOO. One of the scientists we have worked very closely with, who has spent most of her career studying EVOO from a pharmaceutical perspective, discusses the scientific analysis used to measure the health protective compounds in EVOO in this Forbes article!

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Hear What Dr Cabral Has to Say About Olea Blue

We were recently featured in Dr. Cabral's podcast series. Sign up for his podcast, and check out episode 434, 'Allergy Protocol, Olive Oil Supplement, My Favorite Juice & The Biology of Belief.' We were also featured on Dr. Cabral's IG page, "Next up, I'm brining you one of the most unique olive oil companies in the world. They've literally turned the making of olive oil into a science and developed one of the first 3rd party tested products for "high-phenol" antioxidant olive oil (and it's delicious!)..."

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